What is Arrivals in English?

Arrivals in English provides essential, everyday English to newcomers adjusting to life in their local community. Aimed at Beginner-level learners, the program is organised around practical activities such as meeting people, registering with a doctor and opening a bank account. It includes a dedicated learning skills section, systematic vocabulary development, and interactive practice so they can try out the English they've learned. Find out more by reading this brochure.

CEFR level:

CEFR level

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Syllabus and demo

News and updates

Arrivals in English
  1. 2024 May: Arrivals in English New Zealand version released.
  2. 2024 Apr: Arrivals in English Canada version released.
  3. 2024 Mar: Arrivals in English Australia version released.
  4. 2024 Jan: Arrivals in English UK version released.
  5. 2023 Dec: syllabus document released
  6. 2023 Jun – Nov: technical and content development for Arrivals in English V1
  7. 2023 Jan – Jul: Research into the language needs of newcomers to an English-speaking country


Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Arrivals in English runs on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. To run this program, you need an up-to-date version of one of these browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

latest upgrades

Latest upgrades

  1. 2024 May: V1 (New Zealand) released
  2. 2024 Apr: V1 (Canada) released
  3. 2024 Mar: V1 (Australia) released
  4. 2024 Jan: V1 (UK) released
technical support pledge

Technical support pledge

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